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GERET is a Project of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group (GERG).


The Geopolitical Economy Research Group (GERG) is an influential policy research institute, conducting high quality research and analysis dealing with nations and their relation to the world economy. It will critically analyze, and propose, policy alternatives for managing the interaction of national economies and states to promote human development and mutual benefit in today’s multipolar world.


The International Manifesto Group began discussing the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of the world order and its national and regional components at the beginning of the pandemic. The core of our analysis is our Manifesto, ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism’, and we believe engagement with its themes to develop them further is important for further left advance.


New Cold War was founded in 2014 to provide factual and insightful analysis, backed by accurate news and information, about the proliferating national and class conflicts changing our world, which the established media were either misreporting, or failing to cover. A new journalism is flowering, evident in the welcome multiplicity of alternative sources and sites and in the rising quality of independent reportage and analysis.

Introducing GERET

The Geopolitical Economy Research Education Trust (GERET) will conduct high quality research into, and analysis of national economies, their relation to the world economy and the political management of both. Intended to be an influential research and educational trust, it will critically analyse policy alternatives for managing the interaction of national economies and states and to promote human development and mutual benefit in today’s multipolar world.

The Trust will create opportunities for research collaborations among established and new scholars and foster educational opportunities for students and members of the general public. The Trust will also support community initiatives including public lectures and community education.

While the modern world is at a key turning point in history, the Trust stands poised to be an influential policy research organization. The critical need for research on the both the Canadian and international economy became more apparent after the economic crisis of 2008. The multipolar world that emerged after the financial crisis placed a question mark over the established frameworks of globalization and empire. Public and private agents in Canada and around the world need a better understanding to act effectively in the 21st century world order.

The Trust takes a broad approach to this crucial research including facets such as economic, financial, social, security, aboriginality, marginality, culture, creativity and technology and environmental sustainability. Working to collaborate with institutions at home and around the world, this Canada-based trust aims to engage a diversity of voices towards equality, prosperity, stability and peace.

Emerging economies are engaged in establishing alternative arrangements for international economic governance – e.g. development banks and currency reserve pools – that undermine the centrality of western-dominated international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The Trust will explore the positive implications of multipolarity, seeking a sustainable exit from the crisis through democratic, egalitarian strategies for human development at the national and international levels. Critically appropriating past experience of state-led economic growth, it will modernize the idea of the developmental state for the 21st century.

New thinking on national and international political and economic issues is increasingly urgent. The founding of organizations such as GERET has marked key turning points in the intellectual and policy history of the modern world. The effective re-shaping of policy and the ability to provide the ideas and analysis required to make a better future comes only with an understanding of the historical moment.

Currently, the trust is focusing on The Institute for Geopolitical Economy Summer School, which will be in Winnipeg, July of 2015. Focusing on the issue of Food Security several immanent lecturers will conduct a two-week session that will investigate the critical aspects of this topic. Graduates, Undergraduates, as well as members of the general public are invited to join us, either for credit or a certificate, and engage in this stimulating dialogue.

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